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Assure Ensure and Insure

English For Israel Assure Ensure Insure

Assure, ensure, and insure are three English words that sound alike, are spelled alike, but have completely different meanings.

You’re not alone when it comes to the challenge that assure vs. ensure vs. insure poses people. Since all three terms have something to do with being sure, it’s clear why these word triplets are commonly confused in the English language. In fact, many people think that they’re simply interchangeable. 

Since they are homophones, they sound similar but are spelled differently, only adding to the confusion.

But they are three different terms with distinct meanings and uses. For that reason, it’s important to know the difference and how to use these commonly confused words correctly.  

Assure means to make someone confident or to remove their doubts. It can also mean to promise something to someone or to guarantee something.

Example: I assure you that the product will be delivered on time.

Assure synonyms are affirm, reassure, convince, persuade, and promise.

Ensure means to make sure that something happens or to guarantee that something will happen.

Example: I will ensure that the report is completed before the deadline.

Ensure synonyms are establish, secure, make sure, make certain and guarantee.

Insure means to protect something against loss or damage by buying an insurance policy.

Example: I need to insure my car before I can drive it on the road.

Insure synonyms are cover, protect, safeguard, indemnify, and underwrite.

Insure is a variant spelling of ensure in British English, but in American English, insure is typically used to refer specifically to purchasing an insurance policy.


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