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Different Levels of English

English For Israel Different Levels of English

There are many different levels of English. Which is yours?

Beginner  At this level, you have basic understanding and communicate using simple phrases and sentences. You have limited vocabulary and rely on basic grammatical structures.

Intermediate  You have a good grasp of English and communicate effectively in most situations. You have a larger vocabulary, than a beginner and are able to participate in discussions, and you understand more complex texts.

Upper-Intermediate  You have a solid understanding of grammar and understand and produce more advanced written and spoken English.

Advanced  Advanced English refers to a higher level of proficiency in the English language, where you communicate fluently, accurately, and with a wide range of vocabulary. It encompasses complex grammar structures, nuanced expressions, and the ability to comprehend and produce sophisticated texts.

Proficient  This is the highest level of English proficiency, comparable to that of a native speaker. At this level you have near-native fluency, possess an extensive vocabulary, and comprehend and produce language at a complex and nuanced level.

There are a couple more important levels.

Business English is different from advanced English as it is a specialized subset of English that focuses on language skills and vocabulary relevant to the business and professional world. Business English includes communication skills for various business contexts, such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, and written correspondence.

Street English, also known as urban or slang English, is an informal and non-standard variety of the English language that is commonly used in casual conversations within urban communities. It often includes unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation influenced by regional dialects, cultural expressions, and popular trends.


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