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English Phrasal Verbs

English For Israel English Phrasal Verbs

English phrasal verbs are idiomatic expressions that consist of a verb and a prepositions or adverb that change the meaning of the verb. 

As such they alter the verb's direction, intensity, or tone.

For example, the verb to put has a different meaning when paired with prepositions and/or adverbs.

  • Put up means to erect or hang something.

  • Put on means to dress oneself or wear something.

  • Put off means to delay or postpone something.

The meaning of a phrasal verb is often not immediately clear from its individual parts, and varies depending on the context.

Phrasal verbs are either separable or inseparable.

Separable phrasal verbs allow the object to be placed between the verb and the particle, whereas inseparable phrasal verbs do not allow the object to be placed between the two.

  • Separable. I put my coat on. (put is the verb, on is the preposition, put on is the phrasal verb and is separable)

  • Inseparable. I'm looking forward to our meeting. (meeting is the object, looking forward is the phrasal verb, and these two words are not separable)

Phrasal verbs are an essential part of the English language and are widely used in both spoken and written English. 

Here are some reasons why phrasal verbs are important.

  • Phrasal verbs often have idiomatic meanings that cannot be inferred from the individual words that make them up. Knowing phrasal verbs and their meanings is essential for understanding and communicating effectively in English.

  • Phrasal verbs convey subtle shades of meaning  to English. For example, saying he put off doing his work sounds less harsh than saying he procrastinated doing his work

  • Phrasal verbs are a ubiquitous feature of the English language, and are used extensively in both spoken and written communication. Therefore, learning them is essential for achieving fluency in English.

  • Phrasal verbs are used in a variety of contexts, and can be modified to fit different situations. This versatility makes them an essential tool for effective communication.

  • Learning phrasal verbs is fun, as they often have interesting meanings, thus making the process of learning English more enjoyable.

Phrasal verbs are an important aspect of the English language, and mastering them is essential for effective communication and achieving fluency.


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