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English Prepositions

English For Israel English Prepositions

English prepositions are used in the English language to establish the relationships between different elements in a sentence. By using prepositions, we clarify the meaning of a sentence, and make it easier to understand.

Prepositions provide information about location, direction, time, manner, and purpose.  

Here are some examples of how prepositions are used to convey meaning in English.

By location. The book is on the table.

By time, I will meet you at 7 pm.

By direction. She walked towards the park.

By manner. He spoke with confidence, and  by purpose, I bought this pen for writing.

Prepositions are also important because they can change the meaning of a sentence, depending on the preposition used.

For example, consider the following sentences.

First, she went to the store, and, second, she went through the store.

In the first sentence, the preposition to, indicates that the woman went to the store, implying that she entered the store.

In the second sentence, the preposition through, indicates that the woman went through the store, implying that she passed through the store without necessarily entering it.

Prepositions are also used to connect nouns and pronouns with other words in a sentence, such as verbs or adjectives.

For example:

First, she is interested in music, and, second, he is afraid of spiders.

In the first sentence, the preposition in connects the noun music, with the adjective, interested.

In the second sentence, the preposition of, connects the noun spiders, with the adjective, afraid.

Prepositions can also be used in idiomatic expressions, such as, in the nick of time, at the end of the day, and, on the other hand.

These expressions convey specific meanings, that may not be immediately obvious, based on the literal meaning of the words.

In summary, the power of prepositions lies in their ability to provide clarity and precision to language, by establishing the relationships between words and phrases in a sentence.

They are a vital component of effective communication in English.


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