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Standard English

English For Israel Standard English

The term standard English refers to a form of the English language that is widely accepted as the correct and proper way to communicate in English, yet it is distinct from formal and business English. 

The concept of standard English is neither fixed or universal, and it varies based on regional, cultural, and national differences.

Standard English is taught in schools as the correct way to use the language, but it is diverse in stylistic levels, such as those used in journalism, on the Internet, and for academic publishing.

Although the standard English of the many English speaking countries are similar, there are grammatical differences and divergences of vocabulary. 

In American and Australian English, for example, the words sunk and shrunk are used as the past tense forms of sink and shrink, whereas standard British English uses sank and shrank.

English is a highly diverse language with numerous dialects and regional variations, each with its own linguistic richness and cultural significance, and the concept of standard English does not imply that other varieties of English are inferior or incorrect. 

English, as in almost every other language, is generally easy to speak, but learning the fundamentals of how the language is constructed is the key to complete understanding. 

In my English lessons, and when writing English CVs, I apply this concept of learning the fundamentals. This distinguishes me from other English teachers. 


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