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The Art of Paraphrasing

English For Israel The Art of Paraphrasing

The art of paraphrasing is the process of restating words or ideas while maintaining the same meaning.

It involves rephrasing a statement or text to convey the same message using different words, and sentence structure. Learning and using paraphrasing is a valuable skill for improving your writing, especially emails, in English. 

Paraphrasing Techniques

  • Change the sentence structure  Alter the order of the words or phrases in the sentence to create a new sentence that conveys the same meaning.

  • Use synonyms  Replace words with similar words or phrases that have the same or similar meaning.

  • Change the voice  Change the sentence from active to passive voice, or vice versa.

  • Add or remove information  Add or remove details or information to create a new sentence that conveys the same meaning.

  • Use different punctuation  Change the punctuation of the original sentence to create a new sentence with the same meaning.

  • Summarize the information  Condense the information in your original sentence into a shorter sentence that conveys the same meaning.

  • Use a thesaurus  Look up words in a thesaurus to find alternative words with similar meanings.

How Do You Start Paraphrasing?

When starting to paraphrase, it's important to read the original text thoroughly and make sure you understand the meaning. 

  • Read the original text several times to make sure you understand the meaning.

  • Identify the key points and main ideas of the text.

  • Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for key words and phrases.

  • Rewrite the text in your own words, making sure to change the sentence structure and use different words and phrases.

  • Check that your paraphrased text accurately reflects the meaning of the original text and that you have not accidentally copied any phrases or sentence structures.

  • Cite the original source of the information to avoid plagiarism.

Here are some examples of paraphrasing.

Original text: The concert was postponed due to the weather. 

Paraphrased: Because of the weather, the concert was rescheduled.

Original text: John is an excellent chef and has won several cooking competitions. 

Paraphrased: Having won multiple cooking competitions, John is an exceptional chef.

Original text: The company is going through a tough financial period at the moment. Paraphrased: The company is currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Paraphrasing is not just about changing a few words here and there. It requires a deep understanding of the original text and the ability to express the same ideas in a different way, while maintaining accuracy and clarity.

While paraphrasing is most commonly associated with writing, it is skill that can be applied in speech to improve your communication.

Here are two online tools to add to your browser that will help you tremendously. QuillBot and WordTune.


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