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Traits of Confident English Speakers

English For Israel Traits of Confident English Speakers

I feel fine communicating in English when I go on vacations, but I don't have confidence speaking English in front of my colleagues in work meetings

Does this sound familiar to you?

I hear this frequently when I first speak with Israeli business people and ask them what their main difficulties are regarding speaking English at work.

Many of them tend to be confident professionals, but when they have to participate in a meeting or give a presentation in English, their presence can go from self-assured to insecure.

It is obviously a concern for those who need to have a confident level of English communication in order to progress up the company hierarchy.

After seeing this problem, I made it my mission to find a solution for those who were suffering from a lack of confidence speaking English in the workplace.

Confident English speakers typically exhibit the following traits:

They speak clearly, enunciate words, and use proper pronunciation, making it easy for others to understand them. They have a strong and varied vocabulary, using appropriate words to express their thoughts accurately. They use correct grammar and sentence structure, which enhances the clarity and professionalism of their speech. They listen attentively to others, showing that they value what is being said, and respond thoughtfully.

Confident speakers maintain good posture, maintain eye contact, and use appropriate gestures while speaking. They often captivate their audience with interesting stories, anecdotes, or well-structured arguments. They adapt their communication style to the context and the audience, demonstrating the ability to converse with various people in different situations.

They are not afraid of making mistakes. They understand that errors are part of the learning process and are willing to take risks in their language use. They use open and positive body language, which conveys confidence and approachability. They articulate words clearly, avoiding mumbling or speaking too quickly, allowing their ideas to be easily understood.

Confident speakers use pauses strategically, for emphasis or to allow the listener to absorb information, without being overly hesitant. They are aware of cultural nuances in communication, avoiding potentially offensive or inappropriate language. And, they are often well-prepared, having organized their thoughts, done research if needed, and are ready to express themselves clearly.

One effective way to measure your confidence peaking English is by observing how people react when you speak.

Do they ignore you? Do they normally interrupt you? Do they dominate the conversation?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it likely means that you lack confidence speaking in English.

On the other hand, if people pay attention to you, they rarely interrupt, you can hold eye contact, and you tend to dominate the conversation in English, you are probably a confident English speaker.

Confidence in English speaking can be developed over time with practice, patience, and a willingness to learn and improve.


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